ToP Secrets of Implementation Online

by | Jul 14, 2021

Do your clients or your internal teams have difficulties sustaining a plan once it has been initiated? Do you sometimes have difficulties helping them stay on track, bring new people into a team and bring closure? This course is about keeping plans and projects alive, relevant, doable, and achievable.

Our plans were designed in a pre-Covid world. This course presents a process and useful tools to strategize for new or changed situations. Participants learn to explore ways to meet deliverables in a virtual environment, strengthen probability of success, bring new partners to the table early or mid-stream, and stay participatory and collaborative through virtual communication.

The course consists of 4 three-hour sessions.


Description: Sustaining a plan, once it has been implemented, can be challenging. Staying on track is difficult, especially when everything is disrupted and known processes may no longer be workable. This course anticipates the fact that progress is possible despite challenging situations and provides a road map and strategies to tap into assets that remain to keep plans and projects alive, relevant, doable, and achievable. Participants are asked to bring real-life implementation problems to ground their thinking. The course covers the four stages in plan implementation, with facilitation, collaborative tools, and methods to utilize at each level.

  1. Getting started
  2. Building and sustaining momentum
  3. Remaneuvering and making adjustments
  4. Bringing closure



  • Launch new/modified initiatives effectively.
  • Maintain implementation progress, even when situations change.
  • Bring closure to plans and celebrate the team’s work.
  • Learn to integrate new leadership, partners, and collaboration from multiple sectors.
  • Learn to assess change motivation and ability factors so that initiatives are successful.
  • Learn to engage teams online with high engagement and a variety on online tools.



  • Leads groups so that they are enthusiastic from the start and throughout implementation.
  • Ensures the hard work of planning is realized with concrete accomplishments.
  • Models implementation of dynamic plans.
  • Provides facilitation tools to assess change and to develop solutions, as part of regular review to remaneuver in a crisis.


Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those charged with implementing plans and strategies
  • Those working with teams online.
  • Strategic plan implementation teams
  • Organization and community change agents
  • Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers
  • Community workers, planners, project managers
  • Consultants and facilitators


Course Length: Four 3 hour segments, generally on successive days.

Prerequisite: None (ToP Facilitation Methods and ToP Strategic Planning are helpful but not required)

Course Fees:

Organization Type

Course Fee
Corporate & Large Non-Profit Organizations  $1,050
State & Local Government Agencies  $850
Independent Professionals  $750

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