Designing Powerful Online Meeting Experiences

Are you tired of hosting mediocre online meetings? Do you need new ways to move teams forward in this new virtual era? 

In this interactive training, you’ll learn how to engage stakeholders online. Engagement provides a key solution to helping teams reach creative solutions to problems.  Good meetings happen because good planning happens. We’ll provide you with simple tools to design meaningful online experiences. In this hands-on session, you’ll design a results-oriented online meeting. You’ll also learn how to best facilitate interactive online experiences.

During this pandemic, nearly 1000 participants have benefited from this course.  Join us to learn how to engage participants from the beginning to the end of a meeting.

Hosted by Githens and Associates and Sacramento Professional Facilitators

Goals for Session


By the conclusion of this session, participants should:

  • Understand the fundamentals of online meeting design and facilitation
  • Design the critical elements of an online meeting
  • Identify the appropriate technological tools to use in a given meeting
  • Use and identify compelling interactive visuals to engage participants

Note: This session is not technical training on specific tools, rather an introduction to creating meaningful online experiences.  We also offer an add-on Zoom Lab, which is technical in nature.

Comments from Previous Participants

“‘Creating Powerful Online Meetings’ was a dynamic training session that featured clear and concise tools and techniques. You will leave the session with concepts that can be applied immediately!”
–Chantee Guiney, Specialist in Academic Planning & Development, Calfornia Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office 

“Even with 25 years experience, I definitely learned new ways to engage people during remote meetings. Their beginning to end ‘how-to’ approach helped me leave with practical action steps that I implemented right away. Well worth the 2 hours!” 
–Dawn Hanley, Learning and Development, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

“I have to admit that when I saw the training had a fee, I paused asking myself if I really needed it given all the other free stuff out there, but something in me kept saying ‘do it.’ Oh my goodness! I said to myself multiple times during the session and still saying, ‘Who are these people? I love them! I get them.’ So grateful I found them!”

“This course gives you the foundation to design purposeful, productive meetings—with practical recommendations to make the most of everyone’s attention in a virtual setting.”  
–Leili Khalessi, Lead Alumni Outreach and Communications Officer, Sacramento State University


Technology Requirements

We will use Zoom and Google Slides. Free versions of both tools are available. The session is applicable even if you use other online communication tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. 

Because of the session’s interactive nature, we ask that you engage for the full session, using both audio and video.


 Course Length: Two hours

Course Fee                    $55                         








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