Top Secrets of Implementation – Pandemic Edition


Description: With the emergence of Covid-19, the standard ToP Secrets of Implementation course feels less timely – existing plans typically can not be implemented as written and work face to face is highly restricted. The new reality requires training online using readily available technology and adaptable approaches and tools. We reworked the standard course for the pandemic’s reality.

ToP Secrets of Implementation – Pandemic Edition begins with “Remaneuvering and Making Adjustments” – there are important things to do – new ways to do them are needed. This segment features technology, tools and strategies that support people, tasks and processes in their work to reengage, reimagine and adjust the plan for what is possible now.

Bringing Closure” acknowledges things that no longer work and ways to say goodbye to them, freeing energy and effort for new approaches. This segment focuses strategies, tips and tools for lifting spirits, appreciating assets, and introduces a template for participatory event design.

Getting Started – Again” examines the likelihood of project success and considers strategies to identify and shore up weakness in personal, social and environmental dimensions as the plan is amended and relaunched.

Building and Sustaining Momentum” reinforces the new strategies through broad inclusion and relationships to expand capacity and impact. Course participants end the session with deeper appreciation of implementation phases, tools, and understanding for the work and adjustments to come.


  • Come to grips with forces beyond control and focus on assets that can be put to use.
  • Reflect and renew for the journey ahead.
  • Create grounded, practical strategies for dealing with change.
  • Learn to integrate new leadership, partners, and collaboration from multiple sectors.
  • Learn to assess change motivation and ability factors so that initiatives are successful.
  • Learn 40 keys to implementation success.
  • Leave with templates, tools, and technology tips to engage participants online.


  • Leads groups so that they are enthusiastic from the start and throughout implementation.
  • Ensures the hard work of planning is realized with concrete accomplishments.
  • Models implementation of dynamic plans.

Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those charged with implementing plans and strategies
  • Strategic plan implementation teams
  • Organization and community change agents
  • Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers
  • Community workers, planners, project managers
  • Consultants and facilitators

Course Length: 4 3-hour sessions

Prerequisite: None (ToP Facilitation Methods and ToP Strategic Planning are helpful but not required)

Course Fees:

Organization Type

Course Fee

Corporate & Large Non-Profit Organizations  $950
State & Local Government Agencies  $750
Independent Professionals  $750