ToP Focused Conversation

Description: This common sense approach leads naturally to a meaningful exchange of ideas and is helpful to conduct purposeful discussions, capture a group’s best thinking easily, stimulate candid feedback, surface new ideas, and build creative solutions. Participants learn how to design and facilitate effective meetings.

It helps participants dive below the surface to explore the depth issues. Enables group members to be on the same page so they can take action. It can also be used by an individual to debrief, plan, and review conversations and projects.

There are thousands of applications for this tool. Examples include:

  • Conversations for evaluating and reviewing
  • Conversations for preparation, design, and planning
  • Conversations for coaching and mentoring
  • Conversations for interpreting information
  • Decision-making conversations
  • Managing and supervising conversations
  • Personal and celebrative conversations


  • Quickly reach a full picture of the group’s purpose, needs, and intentions.
  • Create a shared awareness regarding a topic or issue.
  • Gather pertinent information for important planning decisions.
  • Integrate group knowledge and diverse points of view.
  • Lead an engaging and highly participatory process.


  • Increases group’s awareness of each other’s perspectives, thoughts, emotions, interpretations, and decisions.
  • Fosters deeper understanding, alignment, and inclusion among team members.
  • Establishes a foundation for developing consensus and action.

Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those who want to lead meaningful and productive conversations
  • Business leaders
  • Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Facilitators, trainers and consultants

Course Length: One day

Prerequisite: None

Course Fees: 

Organization Type

Course Fee

Corporate & Large Non-Profit  $800
State & Local Government Agency  $700

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