Accelerated Action Planning Online

Description:  Accelerated Action Plan Online is designed for engaging small teams in creating action plans online.  Through this process, teams of 10 or fewer, use predesigned templates that guide the participatory process in creating the plan and coordinating their efforts. Class participants are given a set of templates following the class.  AAP is best suited to small projects that can be implemented in less that six months.

This training provides the process, templates, and tools to quickly organize a group or small team to develop a workable plan to accomplish a specific objective that has been already been approved in concept. Participants learn to energize and align a team toward a common goal in the time it takes to have a regular staff meeting. Includes all the practical details to ensure a successful project. This process is especially useful for small teams of 4 – 10 members who are planning a project within the next few days, weeks, or months. The process is perfect for planning either a project or an event. Projects should be tangible and specific. This might include an event, a work project, formation of a team, writing a report, or developing a grant proposal.

Most useful for projects that are:

  • DOABLE – Tangible project or event. Possible to do given timeframe and resources.
  • DISCRETE – Separate and distinct. Can be considered individually.
  • DEFINED – There’s a general understanding of what needs to be done and the desired results.
  • DECIDED – There’s already consensus that this project or event should happen.



  • Learn an accelerated 8-step, action planning process.
  • Receive an action planning tool for a small team to quickly develop a high-level plan.
  • Acquire tools to lead a fast and engaging planning session.


  • Produces a comprehensive high-level action plan in just two hours.
  • Creates a highly motivated team willing to take action.
  • Gets a team on board quickly to develop a plan to address an emergency or priority need.
  • Motivates your team to embrace the plan.
  • Enhances confidence in quickly attaining a successful plan.

Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those who need to work with or lead small groups to create effective organization plans
  • Community leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Managers
  • Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers
  • Facilitators and consultants

Course Length: Two 2.5 hour modules

Prerequisite: None

Course Fees:

Organization Type

ICA Course Fee

Corporate & Large Non-Profit Organizations  $550
State & Local Government Agencies, Non-Profits & Consultants  $500

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