It’s down to this, choices must be made.  Will it be voting and majority rules or decisions punted to another day?  Reaching decisions does not require creating winners and losers.  There are ways to assure everyone’s voice is heard and people stay engaged even when a decision goes a different way.

We have five ways to share with you. All five tools start from the same foundation. Before the prioritization process starts provide:

a.     A discrete list of options. 

b.     Opportunity for questions of clarity.

c.     The opportunity for idea champions to make a brief pitch.

In short, start with clear choices understood by the group and a fair opportunity for brief explanations from idea champions. 

Five ways:

1.     Quick and easy – the options are clear and you want a quick pulse

2.     Iteratively looking for options with the greatest agreement

3.     Multiple variables include complications within the choices

4.     Strategy is important, effort and impact matter

5.     So many challenges – where to start? You want to focus on a critical few

We hope you enjoy Setting Priorities Without Winners & Losers. We look forward to sharing more thoughts and resources.

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